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Welcome to Uniply Industries Limited. Our principal focus as an organisation is to empower you to work and live better. We believe that we are helping make this a reality through a combination of better products and solutions, ultimately resulting in better homes and better workspaces. Over the past three years, we have reinvented this Company from a pure play single material (plywood) manufacturer, into a one stop building solutions provider for customers seeking to create world class offices and homes.

We did so because we are convinced that there is a widening gap between the interior standards of developed countries and India. The core design of India’s offices have not altered in years; most office spaces are merely larger replicas of the same design; most offices are a sequential extension of the same idea; most managements feel that their interior aesthetic fit-out creativity stopped at providing a large floor plate coupled with air-conditioning. Most offices are designed around functional comfort and not business agility. Most designers respond with a ‘make do’ approach, resulting in a widening gap between what is needed and what is provided.

The reality with Indian residences is no different. Even as the disposable incomes of most Indians have increased substantially over the years, our residential standards have not. Most of us live largely the same way we have for years. While the subject of aesthetics can indeed be debated – one’s man’s nectar is another’s poison – where most Indian homes do fall short is in not being able to keep up with growing standards of product hygiene and environment consciousness related to interior infrastructure products. When we acquired Uniply, we did so not merely to capture a fleeting arbitrage opportunity that would have required us to play the game better; we did so with the objective to transform the game itself.

I invite you to experience the products and solutions that we have on offer. Welcome, once again, to Uniply Industries Limited.

Keshav Narayan Kantamneni

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