EcoMate BWR

Finally, an eco-conscious solution to using wood without harming the planet. Uniply’s Ecomate BWR plywood is made from plantation timber acquired through social forestry, which implies that it will be replenished within 7 years. Apart from being eco-friendly, its is also boiling water resistant (BWR) and has been treated for termite and powdering problems.

Technical Specifications*
Properties Specified IS 303:1989
Adhesive For Bonding Low emission Synthetic Resin as per CARB
Preservative treatment As per IS 5539
Glue Shear Strength Excellent
GSS Dry State 1350 N Avg
1100 N min Individual
GSS Wet State 1000 N Avg
800 N Min Individual
Mechanical Data Excellent
Density Above 650 kg/m3
Water Resistance Test
Stands up to three cycles, each consisting of 8 hour boiling in water and there after drying at 65 + 2° for 16h
Unique Features
  • Boiling Water Resistant
  • Tough Bonding: Superior Phenolic Resin Is used for super bonding
  • Manufactured through QUATERN Process
  • Resistant to termites and powdering
  • Made from Plantation timber and selected tropical hardwood species
  • Can be used for making indoor as well as outdoor furniture
  • Antifungal Treated
  • This product is not only environment friendly but also resistant to the extreme conditions of water heat, thus making it perfect for kitchen furniture, bathroom shelves, garden furniture, etc.

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