Shuttering Plywood


This plywood is most commonly used in creating the wooden moulds into which the concrete will be cased. A shiny phenolic film has been applied to the surface so that the concrete doesn't stick to the plywood and the dampness does not damage the ply. It's manufactured using high density special tropical hardwood veneers in ultra modern hot presses. In short, it helps you create sturdier and stronger buildings.


Properties Specified as per BIS 4990 : 1993
Adhesive For Bonding BWP Phenol Formaldehyde Synthetic Resin as per BIS 848 : 1974
Preservative Treatmentas per BIS 5539 : 1969
Mycological Test as per 9.2.4 Annexure H of BIS 1659 : 2004
Glue Shear Strength 
Dry State 1350 N Min. Avg. 1100 N (Min. Individual Value)
Wet State 1000 N Min. Avg. 800 N (Min. Individual Value)
Specific Gravity 750 Kg / Cubic Meter
Water Resistance Test  
Stands 72 hours soaking at 100°C 
Conforms to IS 4990 : 1993 


  • Preservative treated and bonded with superior BWP adhesives
  • Bend Resistant
  • Manufactured under ultra modern Hot presses
  • High moisture resistant
  • Termite resistant


  • Centering works for columns, slabs and beams
  • High altitude bunker houses
  • Bus body building
  • Railway coachess
  • Heavy duty flooring
  • Milk booths and other exposed structures.