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If factors such as rain and high humidity are causing havoc on your wood, then Uniply’s High Moisture Resistant plywood would be a sensible choice. It is made of specially selected hardwood, which has higher density compared with other plywood, thereby reducing water absorption immensely. We make sure it helps prevent warping, swelling and delamination.

Technical Specifications*
Properties Specified IS 303:1989
Adhesive For Bonding E1 Grade Extra strong MUF Resin
Mechanical Data Excellent
Density Above 750 kg/m3
Water Resistance Test
Stands upto three cycles: each cycle consisting of 3 h at 75 ± 2 °C water and there after drying at 65 ± 2 °C for 8h
Conforms to IS 303 : 1989
Unique Features
  • High Moisture Resistant
  • Resistant to termites and powdering problems
  • Antifungal treated
  • Calibrated
  • Manufactured through QUATERN Process
  • Bonded with extra strong MUF resin for high moisture resistance
  • Chemically treated to withstand tough climatic conditions
  • Made from select hardwood
  • Can be used for making indoor furniture
  • The product can be utlilized to create household furniture, panelling, wardrobes and for various forms of interior decorations

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