Uniply Platinum ATS Plus


Amongst various other considerations, termites are a perennial concern to anyone opting for plywood. Thanks to cutting-edge research, Uniply has developed an ideal solution - 'Platinum ATS-Z Plus' plywood. It is an innovative, industry-leading product that comes with an Anti-termite solution (ATS) protection. This product has proven to offer superior defence against termites thus, making it damage free.


Properties Specified as per BIS 710 : 1976
Adhesive for bonding Un-extended BWP Phenol Formaldehyde Synthetic Resin as per BIS 848-1974
Preservative Treatment As Per BIS 5539 : 1969
Glue Shear Strength Excellent
GSS Dry State Above 1350 N Avg. Above 1100 N Min. Individual Avg
GSS Wet State Above 1000 N Avg. Above 800 N Min. Individual Avg.
Mechanical Data Excellent
Screw Holding Strength (Kg) >250
Specific Gravity Above 750 Kgs/Cubic Meter
Nail Holding Strength (Kg) >60
Modulus Of Rupture Above 400 Kgs/cm2
Tensile Strength Excellent
Parallel To Grain Direction Above 425 KN/m2
Perpendicular To Grain Direction Above 250 KN/m2
Sum In Both Directions Above 850 KN/m2
Money Back Guarantee 300%
Conforms to IS 710 - 1976 


  • Resistance to termites and borers
  • Made up of non-toxic compounds
  • Boiling water resistant
  • Bend and warp resistant
  • Pressure treated for stiffness, lesser chances of sagging